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The catching of fish seems insignificant in these memories of the play of the elements. I don't remember much about it, but as I see it now, I believe that the fishing was simply an excuse to get out in the open, to breathe air that came to me directly over open spaces, to face nature when she bared her soul.
-Ray Bergman

There don't have to be a thousand fish in a river; let me locate a good one and I'll get a thousand dreams out of him before I catch him and, if I catch him, I'll turn him loose.
- Jim Deren The Angler's Roost NYC


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My family and I currently live about one hour from the nearest Wild Brook Trout Stream. Granted we would like to live even closer but work keeps me where I am.

Fishing on the Jacobs Fork

The outdoors is a family affair. Our family likes to fish and hike. We usually take at least one camera wherever we go.

Eagle Creek

I have been an avid backpacker and outdoorsman my whole life. The photo of Eagle Creek at the right was taken a few years ago when I went in for a five day solo trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP). Although Hazel Creek seems to get all of the notoriety in the GSMNP, Eagle Creek has finer fishing, in my opinion, is absolutely beautiful and also has minimal human traffic. For the five days I was in there I didn't see one person.

A Fishing Epigram:
Fishing, if I a fisher may protest,
Of pleasures is the sweet'st, of sports the best,
Of exercises the most excellent,
Of recreations the most innocent.
But now the sport is marde, and wott ye why
Fishes decrease, and fishers multiply.

-Thomas Bastard (1598)