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The Man Who Invented Linux.



Running Linux (again)


Ubuntu Linux

Specifically, I am running Ubuntu Linux. This is a well done Linux distribution!

I have renewed my interest in Linux, the Web and Cascading Style Sheets. I work for a major bank in their technology division and one would think technology is the last thing, on which, I would want to spend my time. That is true; however, if one wants to keep sharp, one has to regularly sharpen the blade.

My two son's were begging for a PC of their own to tool around with. I built two PC's. One I built for them from a bare-bones kit (so they do not mess my computer up) and one custom speed demon machine for myself to play around with. Both of them are running Ubuntu Linux.

Why Linux?


Linux is not going to replace or even become a serious threat to Microsoft any time soon; however, it is a viable alternative to Windows. Virtually anything you can do in Windows you can do in Linux; and, most of the software is free!! Do not let the notion that "free" means it is inferior. Linux is a robust platform that has come a LONG way in the last few years. Gone are the days of the clunky "Windows-ish" interface (That tended to do strange things) and decidedly difficult installation and configuration.

In are the days of slick and very functional interfaces that rival and even surpass Windows in some respects. The kids like the cool screensavers they can run and the cool backgrounds available at places like Digital Blasphemy. They also like the educational math games! I like the fact that the software available is really excellent, setting Linux up is a piece of cake and for the most part you don't have to worry about viruses.

From the time I put the Ubuntu install CD-ROM in the tray, until the moment I was surfing on the web with ALL of my applications installed also, was around 35 minutes. The last time I had to re-load my Windows operating system and software it took 60 minutes just to load the OS and an entire weekend to load the software. It's an easy decision to run Linux, but I am not giving up my Windows box just yet.