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Ubuntu Linux - Get it!

Run it...and have a TON of fun!


ENIAC- What got it all started!

The Man Who Invented the Web.

The Man Who Invented Linux.



Running Linux


Ubuntu Linux

I run Ubuntu Linux , a very well done Linux distribution!


Why Linux?


Linux is not going to replace or even become a serious threat to Microsoft Windows any time soon; however, it is a viable alternative to Windows. Virtually anything you can do in Windows you can do in Linux; and, most of the software is free! Do not let the notion that "free" means it is inferior. Linux is a robust platform that has come a LONG way in the last few years. Gone are the days of the clunky "Windows-ish" interface (That tended to do strange things) and decidedly difficult installation and configuration.

Linux today has a slick and very functional interface that rivals and even surpass Windows in some respects.