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When is the next Fly Fishing Show??

Feb 2008
...should be good!


Fly Fishing-related Scans

This page has scans of either articles in magazines that are long gone, or articles that I find interesting (generally from older issues of magazines - and I am selective). I have included various other scans as well and will remove any upon request.

American Fly Tyer Magazine, May 1941 - Rueben Cross article

American Fly Tyer magazine, May 1941





Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum - Catskill Angler Summer 2005





The Curtis Creek Manifesto - by Sheridan Anderson

It's only 48 pages long and written like a comic book but don't let the looks fool you. This is perhaps the single, best, easiest to read and understand and comprehensive book written on fly fishing...period.






The American Fly Fisher - Winnie Dette article

An American Museum of Fly Fishing publication - Fall 2007 Article on Winnie Dette - Catskill Fly Tier (Adobe pdf format 1.03MB size). (Click on the picture)

American Museum of Fly Fishing - The American Fly Fisher Fall 2007






Torill Kolbu Crocheted Flies - Fly Fisherman Magazine May 1995

This one article is what really popularized the art of crocheting flies. Many other notable fly tyers have evolved this technique in to their own version but this is the original article that got it all started. It's a big Adobe pdf file at 4.3 MBs so that you can zoom in for intricate detail. (Click on the picture). You may be able to order the back issue directly from Fly Fisherman magazine. This is one article you'll want to have for your archives!